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The restoration of fine quality period furniture and objects has been my work since 1968. The primary focus in my workshop in Ellsworth, Maine is the preservation of pre-industrial furniture and wooden artifacts, but I have wide-ranging experience, and I welcome inquiries about the repair and restoration of any object of age and beauty. I have had a lifelong passion and enthusiasm for these things and I am always pleased for an opportunity to see and discuss them with people who care about them.

The goal of restoration is to return the object to a stable condition which will allow it to be used according to the owner’s intentions, while retaining as much of its original material and patina as possible. A successful restoration draws no attention, and when completed it will appear as a natural part of a well cared-for piece - the blending of surface, color and finish that make this possible are the essence of the work.

I use many of the same tools, materials and methods as the original makers, along with a modern sensibility of the importance of conservation practices. Over the decades I have collected an extensive supply of wood; being able draw upon this collection of wood is crucial to a high quality restoration as it allows for the selection of a piece of the same species that matches the original in color and grain pattern. The materials in my shop form another invaluable collection: sheets of brass, silver and copper, tortoiseshell, minerals to be ground into paint, shagreen leather, and dragon’s blood (a resin dye found in old Italian violin varnish recipes) are a few examples.

Please see the Services page to learn more about the range of work that I do, the About page to learn more about the evolution of my career, and the Gallery link to see photographs of my recent work. Directions to the shop and complete contact information will be found on the Contact & directions page.

Your call or email will always be welcome. Thanks for your interest.

Note: The bird at the head of this page is the finial on a Chippendale mirror that hangs in our parlor.


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